Reject and Replace Hollywood with Decentralized Entertainment Media

As discussed in a previous Media Blitz post (HERE) and by ReelSEO (HERE), YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year olds than the top 10 Prime Time TV shows.

Since its launch in 2005, we’ve said YouTube was the game-changer that made TV obsolete. Television, despite the variety of cable companies – many owned by the same few mega media corporations – was heavily centralized and presents everything through a sick alien lens, often making it unbearable. It is usually unhealthy to watch.

In contrast, decentralized YouTube allowed anyone to upload videos they created. Over the past decade, it has amassed an amazing amount of content, which continues to grow at an increasing rate. At last estimate, I believe it was 500 hours uploaded to YouTube per minute.

On YouTube and other online video sites that allow user-submitted content, there is a great deal of variety, and it comes from different perspectives.

The time has come to put the last nail in the coffin of Television. We need to reject and replace Hollywood with Decentralized Entertainment Media. And, I don’t just mean “indie” film, which often shares much of the PC, lefty tone of Hollywood film without the glitz and glamour… No, we need to have a true variety of perspectives brought to us through many decentralized and unconnected production companies. Whether or not they are delivered to us through YouTube or a site like it, the decentralization should match that of the Creator model of YouTube.

Content can then be curated and promoted through various Content Hubs, or Channels…

Hey, that sounds kind of like the user-submitted video distribution service Amazon just announced… AMAZON VIDEO DIRECT

Let’s keep that competition healthy, you guys…