President-Elect Trump Bypasses The Press & Reaches Americans on YouTube Channel

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Following a campaign in which the “Mainstream Media” sabotaged and demonized the Trump campaign in the most outlandish ways, President-Elect Trump is cutting out The Press and taking his messages directly to the American people via his YouTube Channel. This echoes his use of Twitter during his campaign. He should continue to cut them out during his presidency. They have been nothing but hostile and unfair toward him and his supporters.

This is an age when the dinosaur media companies are trying to take over the internet and social media, on platforms that were considered to be among “alternative media” a decade ago. Stifling of free speech on popular platforms and desperate accusations of “fake news” are what they have resorted to when ordinary Americans have acted on the epiphany that old-school internet users discovered in the 90s and in 2005 as YouTube became available for video: Decentralized media creation and distribution allow us to cut out the corrupt and lying big media companies.

President Trump, we’re glad to see you joining the party. Please act to protect our ability to do so.

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