Video Blogging Is Essential for the Young and a Differentiator for the Old

blog or vlog or both
Vlogging, or Video Blogging, is essential for engaging with younger demographics that have grown up or come of age with online video and social media. Video Blogging is also a great differentiator to help you stand out among an older target market by educating and informing your customers about what they want and need to know.

Let’s face it – just like the kids are facing their phones all day: The future environment within marketing must work takes for granted that the information customers seek will be available online. You have to be the one providing that information. In order to get that information in place, you first need to create it or have it created. At Media Blitz Publicity, we are experts at leveraging your knowledge and expertise into video and written content that your target audience is seeking. We optimize that content and put it in place so it will be there to be found by your target customers, and you then reap the benefits of customer loyalty, thought leadership in your market, and new clients.

The SEO Plugin Company Yoast makes this point in a recent blog of their own: Note that they also mention the importance of written summaries or descriptions – written content – and transcripts and subtitles for your YouTube videos, and ALSO NOTE that these are included in Media Blitz Publicity’s CONSTANT CONTENT FLOW PROGRAMS. If you want TURN-KEY SOLUTION to Video Content Marketing – and that’s what you need – Make your INITIAL DEPOSIT to GET STARTED!