Are Ad-Blockers the Patriotic Solution?

Some would suggest that Ad-Blockers are anti-capitalistic and therefore perhaps even anti-patriotic. These people may fail to see the forest for the trees.

Ad-Blockers may be the solution! Not only do they render interruption advertisement methods to be useless, in favor of legitimate helpful content, but the fact that some content not being “Advertiser-Friendly” is the excuse given for the apparent Cartel of Advertisers allegedly boycotting YouTube’s advertisement platform – conveniently at the time when YouTube is colluding with Network TV to obscure Independent Content Creators and Alternative News Media – means that eliminating advertisements may practically eliminate their excuse.

IF this is seen as a media war, perhaps one could say the future and fate of New Media may depend on these developments.

YouTube’s actions may be more about opposing alternative media than making a profit, but eliminating the profit excuse makes YouTube’s (Google’s) treachery more obvious. Google and YouTube are the superhighways of the Internet Superhighways, and if your content is either not visible there due to Restrictive Mode or if you can’t afford to make it because you depend on those YouTube ads, then Google has prevented your video content from being accessible through their searches.

If enough people use ad-blockers, it may mean that if YouTube’s ad-dependent content creators and alternative media can’t get revenue or views, then neither will anyone else…

Google and YouTube, while they weren’t saints before, have lost a lot of credibility in turning on the Content Creator Base in favor of PC Corporations and PC Network Television.

I’m not saying to use Ad-Blockers. I’m just saying that an accurate analysis of the situation may find that they may be patriotic and work in favor of Media Freedom. Others may respond that YouTube is a company and can do what it wants, but others may counter that it is practically ubiquitous with The Internet, and if it won’t play fair then it shouldn’t be.

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