YouTube Ads for Nasty PC Companies and Content Creators Opposing Advertisers

Allegedly, some major corporations are boycotting the YouTube Advertisement Platform because their ads are appearing before, or during, or next to video content with which they do not agree…

This is more likely part of the general Corporate Collusion to destroy the decentralized media YouTube dominated for its first 12 years by independent content creators, in favor of a more censored and centralized YouTube that includes hybrid “Internet TV” elements…

However, let’s consider some other perspectives besides those allegedly held by the corporations that are boycotting: Perhaps many of the content creators find the advertising corporations and their advertisements themselves to be offensive. Additionally, perhaps many content creators and YouTube viewers alike moved to YouTube and The Internet for content because they were tired of being inundated with offensive, PC advertisements and content, which is often the result of a centralized, corporate campaign!

Perhaps that list of corporations boycotting YouTube should be boycotted by YouTube Creators, their supporters, and YouTube viewers in general! Perhaps there is already strong overlap with the Corporations and Advertisements that already deserved to be boycotted for their offensive advertisements appearing on YouTube and/or on TV or other media!

“Corporate Morality and Responsibility” is heavily warped, both within the corporations themselves and in the messages and products or services they push. The point is this: Many of the companies that run advertisements – especially major corporations – are No Good, and both content creators and viewers deserve better. That may result in boycotting those corporations, and it may result in using other platforms.

As we have said for a long time, Useful Content Marketing is The Future. Interruption advertising is the past, and the growing popularity of Ad-Blockers speaks to this. People want value in their media content that they seek, not to be interrupted with irrelevent pestering and propaganda. At Media Blitz Publicity, we specialize in empowering good brands with quality products and services to provide a Constant Flow of Video Content that is Relevant to and Desired By Their Target Audience. If that describes you and your company’s interests, I want you to contact us at … I’d like to hear what you think! Thanks for watching, and we look forward to hearing from you.