From Direct Marketing to Direct Media

I just want to take a moment to point out that in the age of The Internet and Social Media and Streaming Video and mobile devices and Alternative News Sources and Mass Media Censorship and claims of “Fake News”, what may have began with Direct Marketing approaches has led to a phneomenon of “Direct Media”…

While Direct Marketing would send you Direct Mail or an Email with its Marketing Message, instead of paying for advertisement in TV, Radio, Newspapers, or Magazines, a DIRECT MEDIA approach parallels this by bypassing The Press and Establishment Media Channels and going directly to the Target Audience. Donald Trump did this when he did not hold a press conference and instead published a video detailing his Plan for his first 100 days in office on his YouTube Channel. This approach allows him an undiluted message, whereas the Press would often editorialize, spin, or warp the message in the context of their Establishment TV Channels and other media. Trump instead offered a direct source to his target audience: The American People.

Many different target audiences want Video and Written content that is not diluted, tainted, or obscured by other channels. A direct media source can be evaluated on its own merits. This applies to Alternative News sources, and it also applies to businesses and artists. The internet allows us these Direct Media options that have come to maturity, and at Media Blitz Publicity, we empower you to leverage your expertise and talent into Video and Written Content for your target audiences, by way of our Constant Content Flow Video Marketing programs. “Direct Media” is a phenomenon that has come to prominence, and you should make the most of it.