Does Yahoo News Intentionally Set the Bar Low to Encourage Low Expectations for Internet Content?

This is a quick one. Like many people, I have a yahoo mail account, so I go to yahoo to check my email. Yahoo has had what they call Yahoo News on their website for quite some time, usually some kind of ridiculous headline intended to encourage people to get used to PC nonsense, but sometimes something totally irrelevant about how some celebrity or random person reacted to an unexpected situation.

My point is, Yahoo is following the example of typical national news in promoting irrelevant or heavily slanted story headlines, with the added effect of dumbing it way down to lower people’s expectations of online news such as that from Alternative News sources, and also to make people dumber as a result of being surrounded by stupidity.

That’s it. That’s what I think is going on. It’s really annoying. Maybe you’ll agree with me! Maybe it’s past time to quit Yahoo! … Thanks for watching!