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Edutainment and Engaging Your Target Audience

At Media Blitz Publicity, we provide Video Content Marketing Services, Media Production Services, and Content analyzing the intersection of Media, Marketing, Entertainment, and Education. At the center of all of this is a concept called Edutainment. Many people have a craving for knowledge. Your target customers certainly do when it comes to what you have …

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A “Dislike” Button For Your TV – Where To Complain About Television Content


A popular request on platforms like FaceBook has been a “dislike” button to show disapproval or negative reaction to content. The Internet does allow virtually unlimited avenues of content discovery, and the user experience is largely user-directed. Television, in contrast, is heavily controlled and programmed, with the viewer choosing between channels. Where is the call …

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Apparently, YouTube sees its decentralized video content model as such a severe threat to Google’s newer Network TV Business/Other interests that it is sabotaging the traditional usability of the YouTube platform. We’ll have more on this soon. To get up to speed, we encourage you to watch this video from Dave at Computing Forever…

How Did Video Games in the 1980s Prepare Us for The Internet & Online Interactive Multimedia, Including Social Media?


At Media Blitz, we have an interest in video games that goes back to the 1980s, the Atari 2600, & the Nintendo Entertainment System. As kids, many of us found these video game systems & their interactive media products to be much more interesting than the television shows and other media offered on television and …

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Reject and Replace Hollywood with Decentralized Entertainment Media

As discussed in a previous Media Blitz post (HERE) and by ReelSEO (HERE), YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year olds than the top 10 Prime Time TV shows. Since its launch in 2005, we’ve said YouTube was the game-changer that made TV obsolete. Television, despite the variety of cable companies – many owned by …

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