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Does Yahoo News Intentionally Set the Bar Low to Encourage Low Expectations for Internet Content?

This is a quick one. Like many people, I have a yahoo mail account, so I go to yahoo to check my email. Yahoo has had what they call Yahoo News on their website for quite some time, usually some kind of ridiculous headline intended to encourage people to get used to PC nonsense, but …

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Webcams, Drivers, Operating Systems, and Program Compatibility

I recently had a couple of conference calls that wanted to use relatively obscure video options instead of basic Skype. The first involved installing software, and upon trying to run that software, it was discovered that it did not work on the still-very-common version of an operating system that I was running and do not …

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Losing Software Functionality By Updating

Companies will often strongly encourage the user or consumer to regularly update their software or operating system on a computer or mobile device, and this is often combined with promises of better performance. However, updating software or an operating system often causes a LOSS of FUNCTIONALITY, and sometimes these functions are critically essential to how …

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Apparently, YouTube sees its decentralized video content model as such a severe threat to Google’s newer Network TV Business/Other interests that it is sabotaging the traditional usability of the YouTube platform. We’ll have more on this soon. To get up to speed, we encourage you to watch this video from Dave at Computing Forever…

Yellow Journalism, Advertisement, Human Psychology, and Fake News Killing the Internet

The Real Reasons YouTube Has Been Behaving Strangely Lately – Viewer Wants & Viewer Behavior in the Current YouTube Environment

Chatbots: Rise of The Machines


The last thing many of us want is to have to talk to another robot. In some instances, when they are effective, it may be better than waiting on hold. More often than not, you’re left shouting into the phone, “I want to talk to a real person”. Well, the robots now have their electronic …

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Explaining YouTube’s Cash-Grab Changes in Featuring Long-Form Content

Many changes have been occurring with YouTube over the past year, and we will cover these more in-depth shortly. However, many long-time successful channels have recently reported drops in their advertisement income, views, and subscribes. This phenomenon appears to mostly affect YouTubers who use YouTube as their primary platform to deliver their material, as opposed …

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Robot Callers Are Becoming More Conversational to Resemble Humans… What Are The Implications?


Have you received phone calls that sound like a human, asking you a question in a natural and conversational tone and awaiting your answer before responding with more realistic conversation toward getting you to provide more information or qualify you as a lead? Robot callers are becoming very human-like… While it used to be easy …

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Why URL Shortening is No Good


Some services offer shortened URLs that also allow tracking of clicks and forwarding to a given destination. These are very popular in various marketing circles, on social media, and online in general. They’re generally no good, despite the ability to track clicks. It’s really an ethical issue of whether you show your visitor what they …

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