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Marketing Tips to Stand Out From The Crowd

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The Trump Effect & Media Freedom

What effects will a President Trump have on Media Freedom? Donald Trump’s allegedly unexpected win over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election represented Middle America rejecting the policies and propaganda of the PC Marxist Democratic Party and its ilk, including the vast majority of the Mass Media. Trump’s attitude toward the Lying Press, observations …

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Milo’s Suspension & The Future of Twitter

The suspension of Milo Yiannopoulos from Twitter in 2016, followed by the same for many others on the Alt-Right – often without explanation but apparently related to tone or topical content – have led some to suggest that the future of Twitter as a leading social media platform is in question. Twitter, which is itself …

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YouTube to Become One Big, PC, Censored “Safe Space”?

Google-owned YouTube has some new policies regarding monetization of video containing content involving subjects or events that are controversial or sensitive… This could be construed (and applied?) many ways, and it sure sounds like it is describing most things that are really worth talking about; That is, anything “newsworthy”… If Google retains control to determine …

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A “Dislike” Button For Your TV – Where To Complain About Television Content

A popular request on platforms like FaceBook has been a “dislike” button to show disapproval or negative reaction to content. The Internet does allow virtually unlimited avenues of content discovery, and the user experience is largely user-directed. Television, in contrast, is heavily controlled and programmed, with the viewer choosing between channels. Where is the call …

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Apparently, YouTube sees its decentralized video content model as such a severe threat to Google’s newer Network TV Business/Other interests that it is sabotaging the traditional usability of the YouTube platform. We’ll have more on this soon. To get up to speed, we encourage you to watch this video from Dave at Computing Forever…

Google Returns to Podcast Distribution

After cutting podcast distribution in 2012, Google is getting back in the game with Google Play Music Podcasts. It appears they will be played through the existing Google Play app.

The Importance of Visuals in Content Strategy Wouldn’t this post look better with an image that is relevant to the topic? Imagine if it was an image or series of images that conveyed the major point(s) of the article!

Double Your YouTube Subscribers

Maybe you have a lot of good videos, and maybe you even have lots of views – perhaps even from among your target market… However, one thing that helps to encourage this continued behavior is building a strong and loyal subscriber base. ReelSEO suggests eleven steps that you can take to make the most of …

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YouTube Testing Changing Search Results?

It appears YouTube may be testing how Search Results are displayed, using only select accounts. Perhaps this is a hint of what to expect if the changes are determined to be better as a result of the testing? Read more at ReelSEO:

From TV Ad Budget to Online Video Ad Budget

There is a growing trend of Ad Budget shifting from TV Ads to Online Video Ads. That’s great news for those of us who need the budget for Online Video Marketing.

Lack of Customer Focus Leads to Lack of Participation

A recent report suggests people are tired of brand engagement opportunities. While the sheer number of brand engagement opportunities may be a factor, and the internet honeymoon may be over, the usual culprit is probably much to blame: The brands lack a customer focus, which leads to lack of participation. What is in it for …

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The Importance of Content Strategy BEFORE Editorial Planning

If you don’t have a proper Content Strategy in place BEFORE you have done your Editorial Planning, you may be wasting energy spinning your wheels with your content. As noted by the Content Marketing Institute, the following are problems that can result: It’s not the right content. If your content isn’t right (isn’t useful or …

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Please Don’t Confuse Native Advertising with Content Marketing

Native Advertising is “Pay to Play” on others’ platforms. The content usually consists of advertising in disguise. Content Marketing, on the other hand, is legitimate stand-alone content that the target market wants or needs, and for many businesses, it is often answering a question or helping the customer to solve a problem. It is typically …

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