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From Direct Marketing to Direct Media

I just want to take a moment to point out that in the age of The Internet and Social Media and Streaming Video and mobile devices and Alternative News Sources and Mass Media Censorship and claims of “Fake News”, what may have began with Direct Marketing approaches has led to a phneomenon of “Direct Media”… …

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Decentralization of Media – What It Means, and Is It Still True?

There used to be three major television networks, with local affiliates. Local and regional newspapers, along with their TV and Radio counterparts and the national news programs, dominated the flow of information on current events. The schools, encyclopedias, and major book publishing companies controlled the flow of other information. Entertainment media in the United States …

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MP3.com and the Rise of Online Social Media Platforms

“Social Media” is now the widely-accepted name for the latest trend in technology and interaction. Human behavior appears to have been forever changed in the second half of the past decade as technologies such as FaceBook and Twitter have invaded our daily lives. The cellular phone revolution has played a part in laying the groundwork …

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Expect More Live Video, Increased Use of FaceBook Video, Network TV Video Online, and More

http://www.reelseo.com/7-video-tips-social-media-marketing-world/ Following Social Media Marketing World, there are some ideas that are abuzz: Expect increased use of live video in marketing. Expect more thorough use of FaceBook video. Network TV may have an increased online video presence. Video Analytics, SnapChat, Click-Throughs, and Adwords Remarketing Lists are also discussed.

Video Content Creators Forced to Participate in YouTube Red

The old saying in content marketing circles is not to build on rented land. With the sudden launch of the YouTube Red membership service, an ad-free option for $9.99 per month, YouTube (Google) proved that users’ and content creators’ “rights” on social media platforms are quite limited and subject to change. The wise counsel remains …

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