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Proofing and Editing are Different

http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2017/10/proofing-editing-content/ oct 31 Editing and Proofing are two distinct functions when it comes to creating and publishing written content. It is usually best if the same person is not doing both, but if that is the case, there should be time between the editing and proofing processes – both of which must occur separately before …

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The Importance of Content Strategy BEFORE Editorial Planning

If you don’t have a proper Content Strategy in place BEFORE you have done your Editorial Planning, you may be wasting energy spinning your wheels with your content. As noted by the Content Marketing Institute, the following are problems that can result: It’s not the right content. If your content isn’t right (isn’t useful or …

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Your Brand Needs Consistent Content – But Most Brands Can’t Keep Up

There is a competitive advantage to be had in your market if your business has consistent content with substance and good strategy. Most smaller companies can’t keep up because their resources are stretched thin, even if they would otherwise be agile enough to do it themselves. Many larger companies are too bulky to make the …

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