• Video Content Marketing (Constant Content Flow Programs)
  • Video Content for Legal/Medical/Business Professionals & Businesses
  • Musician/Artist Video Content Marketing Programs
  •   Song & Lyric/Links Videos
      Interview Videos
      Event & Album Trailers/Videofliers

      Live Performance Video Editing

      Music Video Production/Direction/Editing

  • Videos for News & Culture Magazines, Businesses, Products, Events, Personalities, & Issues
  • DVD Projects & Online Distribution

A Constant Content Flow is essential in today’s online marketing environment. We have proven programs in place that ensure your Business, Project, or other online entity has a consistently-published series of videos offering the kind of content your target market is seeking.

Video Content Marketing is a term that envelops much of what we do in regards to Video Editing & Publication. When a video project is not inherently content meant for online video marketing, it is often utilized within such a program. Video is the preferred medium in today’s online communications experience.

To that end, Media Blitz offers our Constant Content Flow Programs, which Plan, Produce, Schedule, and Publish a large amount of Video and supporting content over time. This ensures you regularly publish the type of content you need for your target audience. Not only does it give them what they want and search for, but it also helps your SEO by giving the search engines what they want, which is regularly published new information that meets the needs of the online searcher.

We offer our Video Content Marketing “Constant Content Flow” programs for Businesses and Business Professionals, ranging from Lawyers and Law Firms to Medical Professionals, Educators and Educational Institutions, Authors, Book Publishers, and Various Service Providers.

Much of the information provided in a “Constant Content Flow” video series tends toward helpful, information, and educational content, and this is because a searcher is often seeking information about a subject, and by providing these answers and explanations in an online video format, we help to provide this information both to the online searcher and the search engines they are using.

By regularly publishing this video and supporting content over time, you can establish yourself as a go-to resource and “thought leader” in your market or niche. This can give you a competitive advantage in your market. As part of our service, we plan and organize the process to be time & energy efficient for you, and we provide you and your web team with what you need to regularly publish online video content the right way.

Media Blitz also offers Constant Content Flow programs for Musicians, Record Labels, Artists, Authors, Publishers, & Filmmakers.

The video content for Musicians and Record Labels can include Song & Lyric/Link Videos, Interview Videos, Event & Album Trailers/VideoFliers, Live Performance Video, and Music Videos.

We offer Live Performance Video Editing & Music Video Production/Direction/Editing both a la carte and as add-on items along with the Constant Content Flow program for Musicians and Record Labels.

Much of this content can also be incorporated into an Electronic Press Kit, or “EPK”.

We also offer Video Content Marketing programs for News & Culture Magazines.



Contact us if you have questions or wish to clarify your order! Many services are a la carte, whereas others are billed with a base payment + hourly or monthly payments. Please specify the details of your projects in the email, and include your phone # if you prefer. Thank you!

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