BLOG WRITING – Business & Professional

We have prepared ghostwritten blog articles for a variety of Lawyers, Medical Professionals, and Business Professionals, often in coordination with the production and publication of related video content. (See our Constant Content Flow Programs in the VIDEO section if interested in adding video content!)

We will ghost-write a series of blog articles (usually 200-300 words) about chosen topics relevant to your business. These blog articles are then to be scheduled and published on a consistent basis on your company website and/or other business platforms. These programs can & should be renewed to ensure a consistent flow of new & useful informative content available to your target audience and the search engines they use. This serves to increase your credibility among your target customers and the search engines, alike.

For each requested article topic, you should submit a brief bulleted list of essential points and sub-topics you want to make sure we cover.

12 BLOG ARTICLES – These can be scheduled for publication once per month over a year to supplement your other content, or they could be scheduled more frequently, such as every week. A good trial package!

24 BLOG ARTICLES – With twice the articles, they can serve as a higher percentage of your overall content. These are intended to be scheduled twice per month over 12 months or 4 times per month over 6 months. Of course, you can choose to schedule them more often.

48 BLOG ARTICLES – With 48 blog articles, you can easily schedule 4 blogs per month over one year.

52 BLOG ARTICLES – With 52 weeks in a year, this program easily allows you to schedule one blog per week, which is a common & popular practice!

Contact us if you have questions or wish to clarify your order! Many services are a la carte, whereas others are billed with a base payment + hourly or monthly payments. Please specify the details of your projects in the email, and include your phone # if you prefer. Thank you!

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