Research & Writing: Special Reports & Webinar Scripts

If your needs involve more long-form writing and related research, we also have solutions for you.

It is great to have a SPECIAL REPORT available at all times to educate your target customers so they understand the value of what you have to offer. This can & should be used as a method of gathering leads with an online form, but it can simply be linked for download on your website. These are generally in .PDF format.

* In addition to writing, layout options are also available at an extra charge.

Similar to the Special Report, WEBINARS are a great way to educate your target customers, and scripts for these must also be written. (A Special Report can also be made into a WEBINAR.)

Contact us if you have questions or wish to clarify your order! Many services are a la carte, whereas others are billed with a base payment + hourly or monthly payments. Please specify the details of your projects in the email, and include your phone # if you prefer. Thank you!

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