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The Content Marketing Institute Broadcasts our Winning Video Formula

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) published an article that essentially confirms and promotes the winning short-form topical video format we have been using for our clients for the past 4 years or so, breaking it down step-by-step. This is great… You need to know the right kind of video. You also need to know how …

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The Best Ways to Deal With Negative Comments and Feedback


When an article you wrote or a video you made gets negative comments, your first reaction may be emotional, and that stems from the fact that you put significant thought and energy into making that content available. However, when you break it down rationally it becomes clear that there are different types of negative comments …

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Learn About Content Marketing and Its History

The Content Marketing Institute created this long-form video to teach you about Content Marketing. If you are inspired to start publishing a consistent, CONSTANT FLOW OF CONTENT in Video & Written Format, I want you to MAKE YOUR INITIAL DEPOSIT to GET STARTED with OUR TURN-KEY CONSTANT CONTENT FLOW Program!

Quality & Purpose Over Quantity, Published on a Consistent Basis


When it comes to devising a content strategy for your business, you need to consider the contrasts between the 24-hour constant stream of mostly irrelevant content and the specific, online destinations sought out by internet searchers demonstrating “lean-in” behavior. You want to create quality content that is relevant to your target audience. Yes, you want …

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Google Returns to Podcast Distribution

Google Play Music Podcasts

After cutting podcast distribution in 2012, Google is getting back in the game with Google Play Music Podcasts. It appears they will be played through the existing Google Play app.

The Importance of Visuals in Content Strategy Wouldn’t this post look better with an image that is relevant to the topic? Imagine if it was an image or series of images that conveyed the major point(s) of the article!

Lack of Customer Focus Leads to Lack of Participation

Lack Customer Focus Lack Engagement

A recent report suggests people are tired of brand engagement opportunities. While the sheer number of brand engagement opportunities may be a factor, and the internet honeymoon may be over, the usual culprit is probably much to blame: The brands lack a customer focus, which leads to lack of participation. What is in it for …

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The Importance of Content Strategy BEFORE Editorial Planning

content marketing strategy before editorial planning

If you don’t have a proper Content Strategy in place BEFORE you have done your Editorial Planning, you may be wasting energy spinning your wheels with your content. As noted by the Content Marketing Institute, the following are problems that can result: It’s not the right content. If your content isn’t right (isn’t useful or …

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Please Don’t Confuse Native Advertising with Content Marketing

native advertising not content marketing

Native Advertising is “Pay to Play” on others’ platforms. The content usually consists of advertising in disguise. Content Marketing, on the other hand, is legitimate stand-alone content that the target market wants or needs, and for many businesses, it is often answering a question or helping the customer to solve a problem. It is typically …

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Your Brand Needs Consistent Content – But Most Brands Can’t Keep Up

consistent content is key

There is a competitive advantage to be had in your market if your business has consistent content with substance and good strategy. Most smaller companies can’t keep up because their resources are stretched thin, even if they would otherwise be agile enough to do it themselves. Many larger companies are too bulky to make the …

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Video Content Creators Forced to Participate in YouTube Red

YouTube Proves No Rights on Social Media

The old saying in content marketing circles is not to build on rented land. With the sudden launch of the YouTube Red membership service, an ad-free option for $9.99 per month, YouTube (Google) proved that users’ and content creators’ “rights” on social media platforms are quite limited and subject to change. The wise counsel remains …

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PewDiePie Suggests Ad Blockers Led to YouTube Red

PewDiePie Play in new window | Download Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie told Business Insider he believes ad-blocking software led to the development and launch of YouTube Red, the ad-free subscription service YouTube now offers viewers at $9.99 per month. PewDiePie cites the recent doubling of the percentage of his viewers using ad-blocking software. While there …

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Ten Content Marketing Tools

ten content marketing tools

Literally hundreds of tools claim to help you become better at content marketing in some way. It’s not always easy to know which tools are worth trying.

Benefit from Creating Customer Personas for Your Content Marketing

customer personas

Without personas, you may only be guessing what content your audience wants, which means you are more likely to revert to creating content around what you know best (your products and company) instead of around the information your audience is actively seeking. Furthermore, you personally may have a handle on this information, but does everybody …

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Lessons for Content Marketers from Traditional Journalism

traditional journalism

The internet has radically changed the state of journalism, but content marketing is a relatively new field that can still benefit a lot from the practices of traditional reporters. In the interest of improving the field of content marketing overall, here are nine lessons from traditional journalism that every content marketer should know to better …

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