Webcams, Drivers, Operating Systems, and Program Compatibility

I recently had a couple of conference calls that wanted to use relatively obscure video options instead of basic Skype. The first involved installing software, and upon trying to run that software, it was discovered that it did not work on the still-very-common version of an operating system that I was running and do not intend to update. This is a failure on the part of the creator of that software. If Skype can work on my operating system – and it does, and that is what we ultimately used – so should this obscure software. Developers need to develop for maximum compatibility, especially with conferencing software that is intended to routinely incorporate new users on short notice!

In another instance the process was dependent upon using the proprietary software of the company, and this software was also not compatible with that operating system, so I used another computer that was within the operating system requirements, but this computer had no webcam. Luckily, I have a high-quality digital video camera that has webcam capability, but I had to download and install the driver… Upon locating the hard-to-find driver that was not clearly listed on the camera company’s website, I proceeded to try to install the thing. The interface was in Extreme Close-Up, with heavily skewed Aspect Ratio and limited interactivity. I completed the vague prompts for the installation, then went on to find that my camera was no longer listed as connected to the computer, and I couldn’t get it to show. By chance, I tried using the webcam feature (no instructions on the driver, the webcam itself, nor the software on how this should work!), and discovered that despite not being recognized by the computer it actually sent the video signal to the software… So it worked from there on out…

Drivers should be easier to find and install, if necessary at all. Software applications and services should strive for wide accessibility and compatibility. Connecting and using a webcam should not be difficult to figure out. This technology has been around for a long time. If you want people to adopt it, design it to be used. Implement true plug-and-play usability and wide compatibility.

I’d like to hear if you have any similar examples of these Tech Fail Phenomena! Please feel free to leave a comment, like&share, and maybe we can get some of these companies to shape up! Thanks for watching.

From Direct Marketing to Direct Media

I just want to take a moment to point out that in the age of The Internet and Social Media and Streaming Video and mobile devices and Alternative News Sources and Mass Media Censorship and claims of “Fake News”, what may have began with Direct Marketing approaches has led to a phneomenon of “Direct Media”…

While Direct Marketing would send you Direct Mail or an Email with its Marketing Message, instead of paying for advertisement in TV, Radio, Newspapers, or Magazines, a DIRECT MEDIA approach parallels this by bypassing The Press and Establishment Media Channels and going directly to the Target Audience. Donald Trump did this when he did not hold a press conference and instead published a video detailing his Plan for his first 100 days in office on his YouTube Channel. This approach allows him an undiluted message, whereas the Press would often editorialize, spin, or warp the message in the context of their Establishment TV Channels and other media. Trump instead offered a direct source to his target audience: The American People.

Many different target audiences want Video and Written content that is not diluted, tainted, or obscured by other channels. A direct media source can be evaluated on its own merits. This applies to Alternative News sources, and it also applies to businesses and artists. The internet allows us these Direct Media options that have come to maturity, and at Media Blitz Publicity, we empower you to leverage your expertise and talent into Video and Written Content for your target audiences, by way of our Constant Content Flow Video Marketing programs. “Direct Media” is a phenomenon that has come to prominence, and you should make the most of it.

How To Approach Video Posting on FaceBook


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Losing Software Functionality By Updating

Companies will often strongly encourage the user or consumer to regularly update their software or operating system on a computer or mobile device, and this is often combined with promises of better performance.

However, updating software or an operating system often causes a LOSS of FUNCTIONALITY, and sometimes these functions are critically essential to how they are used.

First, one should note that versions of operating systems and software are not always compatible. By updating either your operating system or your software, the software may cease to work properly or at all.

Project files for a given type of software done in an earlier version may not be accessible or changeable using the newer version of the software. Sometimes software companies will include features to update older projects to be compatible with the newer software versions, as seen with Adobe Premiere, but this feature doesn’t always work well, even altogether corrupting the original project or creating an unstable modified version. (Make a backup copy first if you do this!)

An important feature in a software version may be removed in the newer version, and this may render the software application useless. Well over a decade ago, I first experienced this when MusicMatch Jukebox removed the ability to record new WAV files from an input line, which was an important step in getting original recorded music from analog tape to digital for creation of albums for release. As a result, I ultimately stopped using MusicMatch for file management as well. MusicMatch, acquired by Yahoo, would soon go bankrupt, perhaps due in no small part to changes like this. Audacity and iTunes soon took over…

Apple, in particular, likes to remove features from its hardware, particularly when it comes to connections. This results in you having to buy an assortment of adaptors to achieve the same processes you have used with older models. Many abandoned a recent line of MacBook Pro laptops because of the removal of such hardware connection options. Why pay more for less?

It is a mistake to design software applications to only be compatible with a recent operating system version or later. Most people intend to have their computers for well over 2 years, so only being compatible with an Operating System release from 2 years ago is not realistically accessible. If there must be a cut-off point, perhaps 10 years is more reasonable from a user standpoint…

Ultimately, software and online services need to be created to be compatible at the lowest common denominator. This is especially essential for true “plug and play” functionality and when it comes to collaboration. Due to the aforementioned reasons, many will choose not to have the latest versions because updating will make their current systems and files useless. Especially for creative and media people, who have ongoing projects and want to be able to access their old projects, updating is usually a mistake. It often makes more sense to buy a whole new separate system, and pricing often makes that unrealistic.

Develop your software and services to be VERY backwards-compatible, and aim to accommodate the lowest common denominator.

Sometimes it is better not to allow yourself to be nudged into adopting the latest version of a software application or operating system. I’d like to hear if you have any similar examples of these Tech Fail Phenomena! Please feel free to leave a comment, like&share, and maybe we can get some of these companies to shape up! Thanks for watching.

How Much Content is Enough?


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VoiceOvers – Narration & Characters

We Offer VoiceOvers!

  • Narration
    • Articles on Your Company Website
    • Radio Ads
    • TV Spots & Shows
    • Business Presentations
  • Character Voice Acting
    • For Original Animated Videos
    • For TV Shows & Movies
    • Audio Books
    • PodCasted Story Series

Use them on your PodCast!
Great when Combined With Video!

We will deliver a .WAV file or set of .WAV files with a professional voice communicating your message.

(Background music may be provided upon request for an additional fee)

What we NEED from You:

Send us the full text of your message.

Include any voice preferences, emphases, effects, or relevant notes.

Please include desired date of delivery.


Contact us if you have questions or wish to clarify your order! Many services are a la carte, whereas others are billed with a base payment + hourly or monthly payments. Please specify the details of your projects in the email, and include your phone # if you prefer. Thank you!

* indicates required field

YouTube Ads for Nasty PC Companies and Content Creators Opposing Advertisers

Allegedly, some major corporations are boycotting the YouTube Advertisement Platform because their ads are appearing before, or during, or next to video content with which they do not agree…

This is more likely part of the general Corporate Collusion to destroy the decentralized media YouTube dominated for its first 12 years by independent content creators, in favor of a more censored and centralized YouTube that includes hybrid “Internet TV” elements…

However, let’s consider some other perspectives besides those allegedly held by the corporations that are boycotting: Perhaps many of the content creators find the advertising corporations and their advertisements themselves to be offensive. Additionally, perhaps many content creators and YouTube viewers alike moved to YouTube and The Internet for content because they were tired of being inundated with offensive, PC advertisements and content, which is often the result of a centralized, corporate campaign!

Perhaps that list of corporations boycotting YouTube should be boycotted by YouTube Creators, their supporters, and YouTube viewers in general! Perhaps there is already strong overlap with the Corporations and Advertisements that already deserved to be boycotted for their offensive advertisements appearing on YouTube and/or on TV or other media!

“Corporate Morality and Responsibility” is heavily warped, both within the corporations themselves and in the messages and products or services they push. The point is this: Many of the companies that run advertisements – especially major corporations – are No Good, and both content creators and viewers deserve better. That may result in boycotting those corporations, and it may result in using other platforms.

As we have said for a long time, Useful Content Marketing is The Future. Interruption advertising is the past, and the growing popularity of Ad-Blockers speaks to this. People want value in their media content that they seek, not to be interrupted with irrelevent pestering and propaganda. At Media Blitz Publicity, we specialize in empowering good brands with quality products and services to provide a Constant Flow of Video Content that is Relevant to and Desired By Their Target Audience. If that describes you and your company’s interests, I want you to contact us at … I’d like to hear what you think! Thanks for watching, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Nearly Half of Searches Have YouTube Videos in Google Search Results


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TURN-KEY Complete Production of MUSIC SINGLE, EP, or ALBUM

If you are looking to have a Song Recording featuring your voice(s), we have a Turn-Key Program for creating a Single, EP, or ALBUM featuring your voice(s) mixed with original sound recordings!


  • Arrange the Song & Musical Composition
  • Produce the Backing Tracks
  • Coordinate Vocal Recording/Sampling
  • Mix & Export .WAV file(s) of the Recorded Song(s) (also options to send out stems for 3rd party mixing)

Optional ADD-ONs for Our Program:

  • Compose and/or Co-Write the Songs & Music (Songwriting Price Varies)
  • Set Up & Populate Your Page $50
  • Set UP & Populate Your Page $75
  • Set Up Your ALBUM as a CD Available on Amazon (email to inquire)
  • Design/Layout & Prepare your CD, Cassette, or Record for Manufacturing (pricing varies)
1-Song SINGLE $125

2-Song SINGLE $250

3-Song EP $375

PRICE BREAK $100/song
4-Song EP $400

5-Song EP $500

6-Song EP $600

PRICE BREAK $95/song
7-Song ALBUM $665

8-Song ALBUM $760

9-Song ALBUM $855

PRICE BREAK $90/song
10-Song ALBUM $900

11-Song ALBUM $990

12-Song ALBUM $1080

13-Song ALBUM $1170

Are Ad-Blockers the Patriotic Solution?

Some would suggest that Ad-Blockers are anti-capitalistic and therefore perhaps even anti-patriotic. These people may fail to see the forest for the trees.

Ad-Blockers may be the solution! Not only do they render interruption advertisement methods to be useless, in favor of legitimate helpful content, but the fact that some content not being “Advertiser-Friendly” is the excuse given for the apparent Cartel of Advertisers allegedly boycotting YouTube’s advertisement platform – conveniently at the time when YouTube is colluding with Network TV to obscure Independent Content Creators and Alternative News Media – means that eliminating advertisements may practically eliminate their excuse.

IF this is seen as a media war, perhaps one could say the future and fate of New Media may depend on these developments.

YouTube’s actions may be more about opposing alternative media than making a profit, but eliminating the profit excuse makes YouTube’s (Google’s) treachery more obvious. Google and YouTube are the superhighways of the Internet Superhighways, and if your content is either not visible there due to Restrictive Mode or if you can’t afford to make it because you depend on those YouTube ads, then Google has prevented your video content from being accessible through their searches.

If enough people use ad-blockers, it may mean that if YouTube’s ad-dependent content creators and alternative media can’t get revenue or views, then neither will anyone else…

Google and YouTube, while they weren’t saints before, have lost a lot of credibility in turning on the Content Creator Base in favor of PC Corporations and PC Network Television.

I’m not saying to use Ad-Blockers. I’m just saying that an accurate analysis of the situation may find that they may be patriotic and work in favor of Media Freedom. Others may respond that YouTube is a company and can do what it wants, but others may counter that it is practically ubiquitous with The Internet, and if it won’t play fair then it shouldn’t be.

I’m curious to hear what you think. Like, share, and comment, and thanks for watching.

Misuse of Video Screens in Public and Commercial Environments: McDonald’s and Disney World

Recently, I have had some experiences in which video screens meant to be helpful have effectively done more to hinder their purpose. The first was a visit to McDonalds. If you have been inside a McDonald’s Restaurant recently, you may have noticed video screens have replaced the menu boards on the back wall above and behind the counter where you order your meal. These video screens change ever few seconds, so if you are scanning through the menu items and trying to make a decision or compare prices, you repeatedly get interrupted as the menu list is hidden from you for another round of advertisements or lists of unrelated menu items. This is very frustrating, and it slows down the decision process. If you ask for a paper menu, they will most likely tell you that they don’t have them because “the environment”… McDonald’s, you’re making the environment worse with your rotating menu screens. Either keep static menu item lists on the screens, or provide alternative menus on paper or physical boards like you used to have. The McDonald’s experience doesn’t become better by emulating Times Square.

Disney World, you’re guilty of this, too! There is an area formerly called Downtown Disney, which does not require a ticket but consists of many stores and restaurants. I was meeting family there, and they mentioned a restaurant by which to congregate. There are precious few kiosks with maps, and there is no sign saying “map” or “directions”. It’s such a winding place that it is hard to know if you are going East, West, North, or South. Some of the stores do have paper maps, but you have to know to ask for them, and they are likewise hard to follow because they use a system of colors and numbers referring to a list on the side of the map, to label the hundreds of structures and attractions. Well, they do have at least one video kiosk with a map, but it rotates with a bunch of advertisements on its own schedule, so much like the McDonald’s example, you’re left waiting for it to cycle through to the map again so you can try to find where you are and where you are trying to go, and try to decide on a path to take. Downtown Disney probably has an interest in getting people lost at this cluster of restaurants and Outlet Mall attractions, but they should know that they have seriously failed to provide adequate resources for directions, and this surely serves to keep friends and families separated when they visit Disney attractions.

McDonald’s and Disney, you need to do better. Everyone else, don’t make the same mistake in trying to impress people with flashy electronic screens everywhere while neglecting customer service. Provide static electronic or paper resources to facilitate a positive customer experience. Thanks for watching.

Google’s Tool for Moving Your YouTube Channel Between Pages & Profiles


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Edutainment and Engaging Your Target Audience

At Media Blitz Publicity, we provide Video Content Marketing Services, Media Production Services, and Content analyzing the intersection of Media, Marketing, Entertainment, and Education.

At the center of all of this is a concept called Edutainment. Many people have a craving for knowledge. Your target customers certainly do when it comes to what you have to offer them. Rather than rudely interrupt them, you should seek to place content they want where they can find it when they search for it!

For businesses, this means engaging and educating target customers, and doing that through becoming a Media Company. If you don’t have the means to become a media company, you need a Turn-Key solution to leverage your expertise into media content your target customers are searching for, and that is what Media Blitz Publicity does with our Constant Content Flow Video Marketing Programs.

You can engage through entertaining, thought-provoking, and informative content that answers questions, illiminates, and teaches about topics of interest and concern.

Entertainment companies, Artists, and Artistic Works Themselves require a similar type of supporting media content, as well. Whether consisting of promotional videos for products or upcoming events, excerpts or samples of a media work, Recaps, Press Releases, Publicity Media, Lyrics, Vlogs, Behind The Music Features, Storytellers Features, Gear Discussion, or something else that would interest your target audience, you need to engage with them and leverage their attention toward sustaining loyalty and pursuing a call-to-action, such as purchasing your next album and telling others about its release!

We empower you to put forth a video content marketing campaign with interesting, relevant, and informative content that makes your target audience want to engage with you and pursue what you have to offer.

I’d like to talk to you about how we can incorporate a Constant Content Flow Video Marketing plan for your business or project. Contact us at I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for watching!

The Ability to Add or Edit Annotations on YouTube is Going Away May 2nd

While one could argue that Annotations – especially Spotlight Annotations – were better than Cards or End Card Screens, they were often not properly or were altogether neglected. Sometimes they were overused, and the combination of a tough learning curve and the clunky interface led to the equivalent of MySpace CSS Customization Clutter we saw 10 years ago… Well, YouTube has announced that the ability to Add or Edit Annotations is going to End on May 2nd, 2017.

That means existing annotations will remain, provided you do not replace them with End Cards, but you won’t be able to add new annotations past this time. It appears existing Annotations may not be modified, but perhaps you will be able to remove them.

For many years, some content creators have created “Post-Roll Annotation” screens with images built into the end of their YouTube videos, over which Spotlight Annotations were built. We have done this ourselves for many years, and it is an effective approach. YouTube responded to this phenomena months ago by creating End Card Screens that are generally easier to add, and now the legacy approach of adding YouTube Annotations is coming to an end. It would be a good idea to look at any of your videos that may still need annotations, and add them now while you can. Then, going forward, optimize your new videos for the use of End Cards Screens, which overlay during the last 20 seconds or less of your video. Again, May 2nd, 2017 is the deadline.

If you have any questions about best practices, or if you are interested in how you can have a constant flow of Video and Written content in the form of a Constant Content Flow Video Marketing Program, contact Media Blitz Publicity and see our videos on the subject.

The Fastest Way to Get a Custom YouTube URL


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