Thoughts on Smart Speakers – Computing Forever

The Zen of Content Marketing dec 28


Robert Rose takes a Zen approach to thinking about Marketing. It’s an interesting article, which may help to highlight for you some of why you may have been drawn to marketing – if you’re so inclined. It helps to take a step back, look at the long view, and appreciate why we do the things we do.

Common Content Marketing Blunders – CMI dec 26


Here’s some unsolicited advice from CMI in response to some all-to-common marketing blunder examples. Sometimes making a few changes in your approach can make the difference in turning a no into a yes, into gaining new audiences, or adopting a more effective tone. Do any of these issues ring true for you?

A 3-Step Curation Process for Repurposing Content dec 19


Your best-performing and most-wanted content can be curated and repurposed. You can create new content by collecting take-aways from a single article or from several related articles, then elaborating and clarifying. New content formats can be explored, as well, creating the most useful, usable, and accessible content for your target audiences. Take an SEO/analytics perspective to identify the best content and topics for this process.

Twitter Exodus Expected with Twitter’s New Policies

The Twitter Exodus is expected as it puts into place new policies to limit who is allowed on their platform. Ramping up their censorship of the past couple of years, simply disagreeing with regressive leftist talking points may cause one to become labeled as “a hater” – resulting in loss of verification, shadowbanning, or outright banning. As Dave Cullen of Computing Forever notes in his videos below, much of this behavior came into the spotlight when Milo Yiannopoulos was suspended over a year ago.

The Importance of Goal-Setting dec 18


Setting your goals – actually writing them down and holding yourself to them – can make all the difference when it comes to how or whether you progress toward where you want to be and what you want to get done. Joe Pulizzi from CMI details his experience as it pertains to Content Marketing and his career with the Content Marketing Institute.

The Consequences of Losing Net Neutrality – Computing Forever

Dave Cullen of Computing Forever discusses the consequences of losing Net Neutrality. In practice, Net Neutrality protects Free Speech online. Without it, many obstacles can be placed to slow down or cut off access to content according to the mercy of the ISP and its plans or policies, which may be driven by its business ties or political influences. This could be the death of The Internet as we have known it.

Some Guidelines for Using Visual Content Today dec 12


The bar is being raised for visual content, moving above many of the stock image options – and that is a good thing. Tools exist to help make original visual content attainable in a way that scales in line with your workflow.

Embracing Education as a Marketing Strategy – CMI dec 5


At Media Blitz, we are deeply involved in education – in assessing formal education systems, in promoting an educational approach to content marketing both for and by businesses, and in preparing and promoting educational content.

Here, CMI highlights some examples of businesses going beyond the educational blog and how-to videos and actually creating classes for their clientele.

VidMe is Gone

MEDIA BLITZ NOTE: VidMe gave its 2-weeks notice to all of its users in an email, stating all content would be removed. We were going to create a video on the topic when the email came in, but there were soon many such videos out there, so we’re just going to go with Computing Forever’s video for this one. VidMe was a good alternative to YouTube, but it was not the greatest possible alternative – That has yet to emerge…

How To Develop and Grow a Successful Podcast – CMI nov 28


Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi of This Old Marketing podcast provide their advice for creating and launching a successful podcast.

They encourage marketers to already have an engaged audience for their content, and then to differentiate into podcasting, as the podcast-first approach is difficult due to the inherent competition within and the nature of the podcasting platform experiences.

The Content Marketing Institute Broadcasts our Winning Video Formula

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI)
published an article
that essentially confirms and promotes the winning short-form topical video format we have been using for our clients for the past 4 years or so, breaking it down step-by-step.

This is great… You need to know the right kind of video. You also need to know how to get it done while running your business, and how to get it published the right way, AND THAT IS WHERE WE COME IN. Read the article, then CONTACT MEDIA BLITZ to learn more about how Video Content Marketing can work for you.

Proofing and Editing are Different oct 31


Editing and Proofing are two distinct functions when it comes to creating and publishing written content.

It is usually best if the same person is not doing both, but if that is the case, there should be time between the editing and proofing processes – both of which must occur separately before publishing.

If you’re trying to write, edit, proof, and publish your own content, talk to us about how we can help.

Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Video Content Investment – CMI oct 24


There are a multitude of reasons you need video content, and many more ways to use that content. This article by The Content Marketing Institute lists many of the reasons that you may not have even considered yet. We specialize in video content marketing, and we are here to assist you in implementing these effective approaches highlighted in the article.

Competitive Content Marketing Analysis – CMI oct 23


When strategizing your content marketing plan, it is often wise to consider what the competition is doing with their content marketing strategies. What are their topics, what formats are they using, when are they publishing, and how often? How have they been changing?

What are the best opportunities for your approach to content, given this knowledge?