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Twitter Exodus Expected with Twitter’s New Policies

The Twitter Exodus is expected as it puts into place new policies to limit who is allowed on their platform. Ramping up their censorship of the past couple of years, simply disagreeing with regressive leftist talking points may cause one to become labeled as “a hater” – resulting in loss of verification, shadowbanning, or outright …

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VidMe is Gone

MEDIA BLITZ NOTE: VidMe gave its 2-weeks notice to all of its users in an email, stating all content would be removed. We were going to create a video on the topic when the email came in, but there were soon many such videos out there, so we’re just going to go with Computing Forever’s …

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Milo’s Suspension & The Future of Twitter

The suspension of Milo Yiannopoulos from Twitter in 2016, followed by the same for many others on the Alt-Right – often without explanation but apparently related to tone or topical content – have led some to suggest that the future of Twitter as a leading social media platform is in question. Twitter, which is itself …

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