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The Content Marketing Institute Broadcasts our Winning Video Formula

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) published an article that essentially confirms and promotes the winning short-form topical video format we have been using for our clients for the past 4 years or so, breaking it down step-by-step. This is great… You need to know the right kind of video. You also need to know how …

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From Direct Marketing to Direct Media

I just want to take a moment to point out that in the age of The Internet and Social Media and Streaming Video and mobile devices and Alternative News Sources and Mass Media Censorship and claims of “Fake News”, what may have began with Direct Marketing approaches has led to a phneomenon of “Direct Media”… …

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YouTube Ads for Nasty PC Companies and Content Creators Opposing Advertisers

Allegedly, some major corporations are boycotting the YouTube Advertisement Platform because their ads are appearing before, or during, or next to video content with which they do not agree… This is more likely part of the general Corporate Collusion to destroy the decentralized media YouTube dominated for its first 12 years by independent content creators, …

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Are Ad-Blockers the Patriotic Solution?

Some would suggest that Ad-Blockers are anti-capitalistic and therefore perhaps even anti-patriotic. These people may fail to see the forest for the trees. Ad-Blockers may be the solution! Not only do they render interruption advertisement methods to be useless, in favor of legitimate helpful content, but the fact that some content not being “Advertiser-Friendly” is …

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Edutainment and Engaging Your Target Audience

At Media Blitz Publicity, we provide Video Content Marketing Services, Media Production Services, and Content analyzing the intersection of Media, Marketing, Entertainment, and Education. At the center of all of this is a concept called Edutainment. Many people have a craving for knowledge. Your target customers certainly do when it comes to what you have …

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Milo’s Suspension & The Future of Twitter


The suspension of Milo Yiannopoulos from Twitter in 2016, followed by the same for many others on the Alt-Right – often without explanation but apparently related to tone or topical content – have led some to suggest that the future of Twitter as a leading social media platform is in question. Twitter, which is itself …

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A “Dislike” Button For Your TV – Where To Complain About Television Content


A popular request on platforms like FaceBook has been a “dislike” button to show disapproval or negative reaction to content. The Internet does allow virtually unlimited avenues of content discovery, and the user experience is largely user-directed. Television, in contrast, is heavily controlled and programmed, with the viewer choosing between channels. Where is the call …

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Apparently, YouTube sees its decentralized video content model as such a severe threat to Google’s newer Network TV Business/Other interests that it is sabotaging the traditional usability of the YouTube platform. We’ll have more on this soon. To get up to speed, we encourage you to watch this video from Dave at Computing Forever…

Yellow Journalism, Advertisement, Human Psychology, and Fake News Killing the Internet

The Real Reasons YouTube Has Been Behaving Strangely Lately – Viewer Wants & Viewer Behavior in the Current YouTube Environment

Explaining YouTube’s Cash-Grab Changes in Featuring Long-Form Content

Many changes have been occurring with YouTube over the past year, and we will cover these more in-depth shortly. However, many long-time successful channels have recently reported drops in their advertisement income, views, and subscribes. This phenomenon appears to mostly affect YouTubers who use YouTube as their primary platform to deliver their material, as opposed …

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MEDIA TREND: Government-Backed Russian Fake News Conspiracy Theory Ignores Giant Donkey in Room


As the Lying Press and The Mainstream Media continue to assert a “Russian Conspiracy” affected the outcome of the US Presidential Election and attempt to tar their more successful small online competitors as “Fake News” when their stories are not twisted to fit into the PC Narrative, it is hard for the rest of us …

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Zero Hedge Analysis of Trump Bypassing the Mainstream Media & Their Fake News Crusade

Zero Hedge recently published an article analyzing Donald Trump’s use of social media platforms including YouTube and Twitter to bypass The Establishment Press to communicate with The American People. The article goes on to further analyze why The Establishment Media have launched a crusade against online competitors by labeling them as “fake news”. Zero Hedge …

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President-Elect Trump Bypasses The Press & Reaches Americans on YouTube Channel

Following a campaign in which the “Mainstream Media” sabotaged and demonized the Trump campaign in the most outlandish ways, President-Elect Trump is cutting out The Press and taking his messages directly to the American people via his YouTube Channel. This echoes his use of Twitter during his campaign. He should continue to cut them out …

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Robot Callers Are Becoming More Conversational to Resemble Humans… What Are The Implications?


Have you received phone calls that sound like a human, asking you a question in a natural and conversational tone and awaiting your answer before responding with more realistic conversation toward getting you to provide more information or qualify you as a lead? Robot callers are becoming very human-like… While it used to be easy …

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