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Micro-Negotiation and The Future of Online Advertising

Dave Cullen of Computing Forever suggests micro-negotiating with content consumers who use ad-blockers. Essentially, it would ask the visitor whether he wishes to support the content creator. This could get more complicated on platforms that run 3rd-party content while seeking ad revenue for themselves… Dave also touches on problems with the intrusiveness of advertising and …

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Are Ad-Blockers the Patriotic Solution?

Some would suggest that Ad-Blockers are anti-capitalistic and therefore perhaps even anti-patriotic. These people may fail to see the forest for the trees. Ad-Blockers may be the solution! Not only do they render interruption advertisement methods to be useless, in favor of legitimate helpful content, but the fact that some content not being “Advertiser-Friendly” is …

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PewDiePie Suggests Ad Blockers Led to YouTube Red

Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie told Business Insider he believes ad-blocking software led to the development and launch of YouTube Red, the ad-free subscription service YouTube now offers viewers at $9.99 per month. PewDiePie cites the recent doubling of the percentage of his viewers using ad-blocking software. While there are certainly other factors at work, he …

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